Iceland Family Vacation + Travel Guide

Every summer, we like to do some type of family vacation! In the past, we have gone on a handful of Disney Cruises but this summer we were lucky enough to continue to travel with Disney but instead we took an Adventures by Disney trip to Iceland! It was an eight-day, seven-night vacation that included an itinerary with daily adventures.

Adventures by Disney includes hotels, tour guides, excursions, activities for both kids/parents and meals all in one. We had two Adventure Guides throughout the entire trip, they were so helpful and created an amazing experience teaching us about the culture and traditions of Iceland throughout our vacation. Disney is always so great with paying attention to detail and this trip was extremely hassle-free. From helping with luggage, bringing snacks/refreshments during travel and providing recommendations during our free time.

Anthony, Jadyn and I had never traveled to Iceland before so we were excited to visit and experience/learn more about the Icelandic culture and traditions. With Disney being a family orientated company, they also included activities tailored towards kids which is so nice. Jadyn made so many friends during the trip!

During our trip, I received a ton of messages asking where we stayed, what activities we did and questions about the Adventures by Disney. So, I recapped our entire trip, check it out below!

Where We Stayed:

Reykjavik Marina Hotel- The first two days and our last day in Iceland we stayed in the heart of Reykjavik at the Reykjavik Marina Hotel. While staying there, we were able to grasp more of Iceland's culture and traditions by the unique design and character the hotel had and being in the center of the city. The rooms were a good size and had small, quaint details in artwork and decorations throughout the hotel. The restaurant inside the hotel served authentic Icelandic cuisine. Since Iceland is surrounded by water, they love to serve seafood and various types of fish.

Icelandair Hotel Vik- The remainder of the trip we stayed at the Icelandair Hotel Vik. At this hotel we were surround by wildlife and stunning views of Iceland. Each room had big windows to glance at the amazing view of the sea and wildlife. The staff was amazing and helped us find and translate other spots to visit and shoot.

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Activities To Do:

Blue Lagoon- We were able to relax and swim in the famous Blue Lagoon. The Blue lagoon is a geothermal spa that contains rich salts and algae that is not found elsewhere. The Blue Lagoon offers many additional incursions while visiting like; in-water massages, mask bar, sauna/stream room, and in-water bar. Before going in the lagoon, we put a special conditioner in our hair because the water in the Blue Lagoon contains silica, which can make your hair stiff/dry. Jadyn and I loved going to mask bar for a mini facial. The water was so warm and it was the perfect first spot to visit on our trip!

Thingvellir National Park- We were able to see the wildlife of Iceland when we hiked the national park. This national park is home of a beautiful canyon that contains two of the earth's plate tectonics, which was so cool to learn about and visit. We also saw the Gullfoss Waterfall which is two-tiered and  located deep in the canyon. We also learned more about Geothermal by visiting the Strokkur Geyser which is the most active geyser- it spouts every few minutes.

Kerio Crater- The Volcanic crater lake is one of the "golden circle" which is a route to all the popular attractions. We were able to walk between the crater's rim and the natural pool.

Selijalandsfoss Hike- This hike and waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls and natural wonders in Iceland. We got to hike and see the waterfall. It was really cool because we were able to walk behind it and into a small cave.

Skaftafell Glacier Hike: This hike leads you to Europe's largest glacier. There we hiked the glacier with crampons to see a panoramic view of the wilderness and see the power of the living glacier.

Ektafiskur & Culinary Tasting- Here we got to taste the most delicious cuisine Iceland has to offer. Due to Iceland being surrounded by water, we were able to learn more about the fish industry and even try fermented shark!


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Whale Watching and Cod Fishing in Longest Fjord- This was one of my favorite attractions on the trip! We got to set sail and watch humpback whales swim right across from us. We learned that Iceland is so popular to fish, because the country contains incredible fjords, fertile oceans, and a network of lakes and rivers which is perfect for fishing. We also had the opportunity to cod fish from our boat! Anthony had fun doing that haha

Grenjaoarstaour Turf Houses- The architectural tradition was brought to Europe by the vikings and this house is the largest, unique and oldest house in Iceland. The museum allowed us to learn more about the unique life Icelandic people had thousands of years ago.

Gooafoss Waterfall- Which is the most impressive waterfall in Iceland. The name translates to "Waterfall of Gods" and you're able to feel the power of this waterfall by standing of the waters edge. During the winter you're able to see the northern lights above the waterfall. It was so beautiful!

Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs Bird Museum- Other than Iceland's beautiful waters, they are also known for their wildlife and birds. Here we checked out the largest private bird collection in the country. We got to learn interesting and educational facts of Iceland's breedings.

Dimmuborgir Lava Labyinth- This attraction was once heavy with volcanic activity is now filled with extraordinary architecture. We were able to see lava pillars, caves, rugged crags and towering rocks that was created 2,300 years ago from volcanic eruptions.

Bread in Bucket Baking- Iceland is known for the "Bread in a Bucket" where they place dough in buckets and place the bucket underground, where the bread is baked by the heat of the hot-springs. We were lucky enough to make and experience this and the bread was to die for!

River Rafting in Skagafjorour- As much as I was scared to do this activity, we had so much fun! The scenery while river rafting was so beautiful, this is def a must when visiting Iceland!

Akureyri Thermal Pool- While, Iceland is a country that you'll always need to dress warm they still have outdoor pools and waterparks, heated of course! We decided to check it out in the downtown and Jadyn had so much fun!

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Places To Eat:

Lava Restaurant- We found this restaurant to be extremely homey, the food was delicious and the employees were helpful with translating each item on the menu. Would recommend!

Efstidalur Farm- We had ice cream at this farm, where we were able to see how it was made and what makes their ice cream unique. It was so creamy and we really joyed this treat.

Frioheimar Greenhouse Farm- This greenhouse produces their own tomatoes and cucumbers from their backyard. We ate some amazing homemade dishes. They also have a horse show that plays in 14 different languages! So sad we didn't get to see it.

Slippbarinn- By far my favorite place we ate! At this restaurant they served fresh organic fruits and vegetables, which you know I love! The employees were so friendly and made the effort to interact with the guests and put on a show at the bar.

Ice Cave Restaurant- If you love fish and seafood then this is the place for you!

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon- This restaurant was filled with Icelandic pictures and served authentic food with the most amazing ocean view. We enjoyed it!

Baccala Bar- This place was so unique and had a small town vibe! The restaurant was in a boat which was so cool.

Cafe vogafjos- This cafe was located in a cowshed and served homemade local foods from different farms such as smoked trout, mozzarella- made from their own milk.

Bryggjan- This restaurant had many options from typical American food to authentic Icelandic cuisine. The severs were patient enough to guide us through the menu and translate the meals.

Hotel Varmahlio - This restaurant was more intimate that served authentic, gourmet food in the middle of the countryside. They buy all their produce and bread from local farms.

Pizzasmiojan- Pizza is always a good idea! We stopped at this brick oven pizza parlor that had such amazing creative pizzas. Along with the pizzas, we tried their traditional beers.

Gamli Baukur- I love the vibe of this country feeling restaurant. They offer a variety of amazing foods! They also had some amazing fish.

Have you ever been to Iceland? Comment below!



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