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I get e-mails consistently asking where I bought certain items I post on my Instagram. Usually just tagging the store I got it from isn’t that helpful because (if you’re like me), you just want to go straight to the item and not spend time browsing. I tried using bit.ly for a little but it’s still a hassle to type in the link into your browser, especially on the go.

I’m now using a super easy feature: LiketoKnow.it If you aren’t already familiar with this, here’s how it works:

1. Register your e-mail address (just once) by going to LiketoKnow.it

2. “Like” my photos on Instagram with the hashtag #liketkit and you will receive an e-mail with the product links. I’ll put the hashtag to let you know the photo has the shoppable feature enabled, here’s an example.

You can also update your preferences for your e-mails to be delivered hourly, daily or weekly- which helps if you follow other bloggers who use this feature as well because you will also receive their product link info. This is definitely a more convenient method for me to use!

Top 20

I’ve added a new tab to my blog, an area where you will always be able to find what’s on my shop list, my Top 20.

Sidenote: My husband and I sit down at the beginning of each month and “excel spreadsheet” our expenses/saving/spending for the month…aka what we nerdily call these sessions our “budget committee meetings.” We set aside a reasonable amount for my “clothing fund” that I’m free to spend however I like because we both agreed on the set amount.

That being said…usually when I’m not thrifting, I consider the items I want for a little bit before purchasing, this helps me avoid the impulse buy or buyer’s remorse and most importantly, I stay within my budget. This is why I thought my “Top 20” makes sense: I normally know the items in advance I have my eye on and it seems logical to share that info with my readers as well.

This page will be updated regularly, but always have max 20 items.

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