What to Post on Instagram: 10 Easy Content Ideas

Sometimes we all have those days where we are out of ideas of what to post on Instagram. Continually coming up with ideas can be difficult and even I sometimes feel uninspired and need to either get out and do something, listen to music, read a book etc- then I’ll be back in my routine of posting. But for those days when you’re out of ideas, I made a list of my top 10 Instagram ideas for when you feel like you have “nothing” to post. Hopefully this list will come in handy to cure your creative block.

Comment below what other tips and tricks you would like me to write about!

xx Brittany


My Instagram is filled with OOTDs. I love sharing what I am wearing. If you don’t have someone to take the photo for you, just take a “from where I stand” OOTD. Find a cool rug or tile and give everyone an idea of what you are wearing.

Hat weather ????I’m having a meetup tomorrow at Cha Cha Matcha from 2-3pm, would love to hang with you guys while I’m in NY (along w/ @startswith_x and @mariejoare) more details on my Insta story! See you thennn ????

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2. Your Food

Whether you’re in it or just your food is, share your breakfast with your followers. The lighting is typically good in the morning and you can set up a really fun morning shoot, plus it’s nice to let others know great spots to eat.

Late brunch and these pancakes were beyonnnnd worth it ????

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3. Cafe/Coffee Shop

Latte art is a thing and can be very aesthetically pleasing. Test out the coffee shops in your area and snap some photos. Sometimes even the scenery makes for a good Insta shoot. But never post at a food/coffee if you’re really not a fan of the food/coffee- the worst is just going something that’s cute to shoot but you truly wouldn’t recommend the place to anyone. Always make sure you’re being authentic with you’re recommendations to your followers and readers.

Truffle fries and coffee ????☕️✔️????

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4. Nail Selfie

If you follow me on Instagram, you know whenever I get my nails done I love to post a photo of them. Adding some fun jewelry to your hands and finding a good backdrop makes taking a nail selfie super easy. You don’t even have to get your nails done, you can always do them yourself- make sure to share the nail polish color you’re wearing either on the photo or on Insta Story, it’s always great to offer value. 🙂

Can’t get enough pineapple details lately ???????? new mani via @oliveandjune

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5. Your Workspace

Share with your followers your workspace and let them know what you’re working on.

When Eloise was a puppy she would always sit on my lap while I worked on the computer but now that she’s gotten bigger and we have a new workspace- she feels like she has her own chair ???????? #loveher

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6. Ice Cream

Snap a photo of what you love, for me it’s ice cream! lol

Headed back to Paris next week and I think I’m most excited for the fooood ???????????? Any hidden cafes we have to try? Comment below????????

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7. What Inspires You

Sometimes you come across cool photo on the internet, a quote or something that inspires you. Post it!

Beyond obsessed ✨???? #myfaves

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8. A Flat Lay

Gather some items from around your home and take a flat lay. You can throw in some flowers, jewelry and even a wallet or sunnies.

Acai bowl and my laptop #beingbasic ???? but there’s a new blogging tips post on thriftsandthreads.com today about growing (and keeping) your Snapchat following ???????? direct link in bio

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9. Grab Your Friends/Family

If you’re spending the day doing something fun with your friends or family, document it with a some photo! Lately I’ve been really uninspired by group shots, if you’re in the moment great- but if you had to plan the day to take photos together it’s probably going to feel forced. I love taking photos with Jadyn and Anthony because they’re such a huge part of my life!

When you're flirting w/ your hubs ????????@50bowery #50bowery

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10. Nature

Sometimes you can take the best photos by just going outside and exploring. Flowers can add a pop of color to any photo and they smell amaze! 🙂

#yaasss for peony season ????????????

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