5 Tips On How to Grow Your Snapchat Following

We are headed to Denver for one of my best friend’s wedding and I’m so excited to see her all glammed up on her big day! Make sure to follow along on Snapchat for all the decor and dress details (username: Thriftsnthreads).

Speaking of Snapchat, today’s blogging tips is about growing your Snapchat following and keeping your followers continually interested in viewing your story. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when using Snapchat that I’ve found to work for me:

1. Post Consistently

Just like with your blog or Instagram, you need to snap consistently to build your audience. It would be difficult to gain an audience when you snap every 4-5 days because there are so many other people snapping consistently and taking the attention of the viewer. It creates a routine and establishes credibility between you and the viewer when you snap on a consistent basis.

2. Show your personality

Be yourself and have fun with it! I always try to be transparent when snapping to build that connection with my audience and show my true self. That’s why you’ll also see my hubby and Jadyn on my snaps being goofy and having fun… it’s the real me and my family.

3. Photo + Video Snap Stories

I always feel that a combination of video and photos creates a more engaging story… almost like watching a reality show. Personally, I get a bit bored when some people just snap selfies or use the dog filter over and over, and I tend to not watch them as frequently. I want to see what people are doing and their personality, that’s the point of Snapchat- candid quick, unedited moments- so don’t try to be too perfect or scripted on there, your audience can see through that.

Also show your view as well, it doesn’t always need to be you talking to the camera, you’ll notice most of my snaps are not with my front facing camera, it’s just the view of what I’m doing or other people around me.

Overall you want to have a balance between videos and photos for your snap story as it will keep the viewer engaged and also create a stronger connection.

4. Provide Value

You want to ask yourself…”Why would someone watch my snap story?”

Are your snaps funny? Do you show step-by-step tutorials?

If a viewer doesn’t find any value to what your producing, they will find it with someone else. Jot down a few ideas that you would think would add value to your audience or would make someone want to follow you then try it out. Stick with the ones that work and ditch those ideas that don’t… then come up with a new list and repeat.

Another great way to gather ideas is by listening to what your readers are asking for. For example, on Instagram if I see the same question being asked on a particular photo, I would answer it on Snapchat.

Also turn on your chat so others could direct message you. I always try to respond to the messages you guys send and you’ll notice I screenshot the longer questions and respond when I have more time so I don’t forget! 🙂

5. Promote on social media

A great way to gain followers is to promote to people already following you on other social media channels. Add your Snapchat username to your profile/about section on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ask them to follow you and provide them with that added value such as: behind the scenes, daily morning routine, or tutorials… something they are not able to get on your other social channels.

You can also add this link: www.snapchat.com/add/YOURUSERNAME

The link above will only work on mobile devices, but it makes it very easy for someone to follow you by having them click the link. (FYI Instagram does not allow you to use this link, therefore add your username when explaining how to follow).

Click here to connect with me on Snapchat and say hi!

Hope these tips help! Let me know what you enjoy seeing on my Snapchat as well in the comments below:

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