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Dress: GANNI
Heels: CHLOÉ

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Another dayyyy- I always felt really accomplished making it through a Monday when I was in the office full-time, sometimes just getting through my inbox and having my to-do list ready for the week feels like a giant leap! Anyways, we made it.

You normally see me in non-designer kicks but I will invest in a pair of shoes much quicker than any other piece in my closet. I found myself more often than not needing a pair of nude heels to dress up a casual outfit for a night out- but I didn’t want an ultra high stiletto. The mid-heel height made me confident I could wear them even in the daytime and still be comfortable running around to meetings. The pictures don’t do them justice though, the leather is BEYOND soft and I’m clearly obsessed. I shouldn’t expect anything less of Chloé right? I usually browse styles on Shoescribe to see their new options- they have an amazing mix of designers and some pretty great sales (which of course I scored these on sale)!

Can I just share a funny story about this shirt dress? On Jadyn’s last day of second grade (last month), I wore it paired over jeans with flat black booties to visit her classroom for the last time. After I arrived, I noticed she gave me a weird look but I didn’t really think anything of it and continued speaking with her teacher. After school was over, Jadyn said “MOM! So embarrassing, my friend asked if you were wearing a nightgown today at school. Were you? I didn’t know what to tell her.” LOL really? I think I was more thrown off that 2nd grade girls were having a convo about if I was dressed appropriately or not. No but seriously, I felt so bad just because kids can be so mean and I didn’t want Jadyn to feel embarrassed by my presence (at least not when she’s 8), so I explained to her that it’s actually a dress… that looks like a shirt…and wearing it over jeans most likely confused her friend (and maybe other people I ran into that day). All this to say, Jadyn seemed a little more reassured that I wasn’t actually strolling around her school in my PJs.

Sometimes people may not get my style (especially 2nd graders)… but if I like it- I’m most definitely going to wear it! I will be pairing this again with jeans, but actually wearing it like a dress is more appropriate now that we’ve had 90 degree weather and the belt gives it more of a distinct shape. Besides, the material is super comfortable…I could literally sleep in it! 🙂

xx Brittany

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