How To Find Your Voice As a Blogger

As bloggers we are ultimately sharing our love for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc., and sometimes forget that writing is a huge part of the job, which can be a struggle for some. Not only are you writing content on your blog, but also crafting social media posts, newsletters, and emails. You write every day, and that’s why it’s crucial to find your voice! Here are ways that I’ve found mine, and hopefully they can be beneficial to you as well. I added an action item per section, too. 🙂

Be You

I think this is most important, so I’m starting off with it. There are thousands of bloggers, and many are trying to accomplish similar things. The only way to stand out and make a lasting impression is to be true to who you are. If you don’t use words like “beau” or “dope” in real life, using them in your writing will sound inauthentic. Even if your readers don’t know you personally, they’ll pick up on your personality via social media or the blog. Using your real voice is the only sustainable way to write and get dedicated readers—otherwise you’ll burn out being someone else.

Action item: Write down a list of words you normally use and try to incorporate them into your posts naturally. 

Ask friends and family

I loved doing this when I started brainstorming the idea of having a blog. I knew who I was, how I talked, and that I could be me, but did I want my writing to be conversational? More structured? Did I want to use emojis and exclamation points?

Asking friends or family to describe you is really helpful as an outside perspective when you’re writing. If they are describing you as funny, you should highlight your humor in your text. If you’re chatty, your stuff will probably be longer naturally. Don’t stray from that! I knew I wanted to keep things short and sweet. I also wanted to add my more conversational text because that’s the feedback I got. Since that was my true voice, it’s been easy to keep up.

Action item: Text (or ask in person) 3 people who know you well to describe you. Use that as inspiration when you write your next post.

Write on an empty brain

I forget where I learned this, but someone once told me to write when my brain is “empty.” Meaning, before I’ve read through a bunch of other blogs or scrolled through my Insta feed. Sure, those can be inspirational for content ideas, but I find that it’s best to write with a clear head. That way I’m not getting distracted by other people’s tone and voice or start writing in one that’s not my own. It’s a subtle tip that really helps me!

Action item: Tomorrow when you wake up, write your blog or Insta post before looking around the web or social media. See if it works for you!

Do less

In today’s world, attention spans are super short. People want to consume quickly. Don’t lose your voice trying to fit too much into a post or tweet. Unless you’re blogging about something that requires longhand writing, I find it’s best to read back through a post to remove extra words or phrases that could muddy your voice and message.

Action item: Next time you write a post, go through and read each sentence. Can you eliminate it to sound more like you and get your message across clearly? Can you remove an unnecessary word from that sentence?

Know your demographic

This is somewhat easier to do before you start a blog and create “your voice,” but it’s not impossible if you’re already blogging! You likely have an idea of who will/does read your content and follow along, but knowing the specifics is helpful. You want a voice that connects with your readers and appeals to them, so make sure the demographic you’re shooting for is one you’re comfortable talking to!

Action item: Brainstorm your ideal reader. Find out who exactly you want to be writing to—whether that’s a 20-year-old girl into fashion or a 40-year-old mom of 4. Write to that imaginary person every time you create text.

I hope this post helps! How have you found your voice? What are you struggling with? Are there any other specific blogging tips you want me to cover?

xx Brittany

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