muted winter


It’s no secret I love neutrals, the reason I was drawn to this coat at Buffalo Exchange in the first place. Now that it’s cooling down, I finally got to pull it out of my closet (along with these vintage Levi’s I found shoved in the back). I usually opt for something a little more snug underneath if my top layer is over-sized.

Side note: If you haven’t checked out a Buffalo Exchange before- you need to go ASAP. People come and trade their gently used (and usually more trendy) items for either cash or store credit. To me it feels like an upgraded thrift store, the employees have already sifted through the junk of donations and usually only accept pieces that don’t look like a “vintage” Wal-Mart t-shirt or something random.

During our most recent visit, my hubs scored some camel Sperrys, I found Italian leather flats and Jadyn was all excited about their sunglasses (only bummer- no kid’s clothes). You literally never know what you will find.

Here’s a list of stores so check it ouuuut: Click Here

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