5 Tips on How to Pack Like a Pro

With my job, it’s inevitable that I end up traveling quite a bit and this past summer in particular I felt like I was rarely home! At times, I feel like I’m living out of my suitcases, constantly packing and unpacking. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love traveling and feel so thankful all our hard work has paid off to allow us to be able to go on so many wonderful vacations whether for work or leisure.

However, in order to keep my life organized, I feel like I’ve become a master at packing, even when I end up procrastinating packing for a trip 3 hours prior haha- I’ve nailed it down to an art and doesn’t overwhelm me like it used to. Whether you are packing for a weekend getaway or traveling for an entire month, these tips have you covered and have really helped me!

1. Make a List

A few days before I leave, I note if I’m out of a certain product (or running low on my favorite kind of socks), I WRITE IT DOWNNN on my Wunderlist app. I usually make an Amazon prime order for supplies or I make a Target run with my list (depending if I don’t have time to wait for next day shipping) but you don’t want to be packing for a destination the night before and realized you’re out of shampoo or toothpaste (think basics).

2. Pre-plan outfits

One of my best tips has to be taking photos of each outfit I plan to wear. Not only does this save time getting dressed in the morning but I rarely overpack. This is what I do:

I pack one outfit per day that I will be gone (unless I know I have a certain event at night that will require a different look for then, I’ll pack two looks for that day in that case) Example: 3 days, 3 outfits. Once I know how many outfits I need (ex. 4 casual look and 3 evening looks) I literally try on every outfit that I think I’m going to want to wear on my trip and take a photo of it in the mirror on my phone. This allows me to easily see on my phone all my outfits and I rarely have to unpack at a hotel. Next I use these photos on my phone to go to my shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewelry and pull pieces for each look. Again, this allows me to only pack what I need to bringing a ton of “just in case” items. With the weather apps it’s pretty easy to pre-plan looks based on the weather of wherever you’re travelling. The only thing I bring a few extras are jeans, plain tees, leather jacket and jean jacket- all items I can pair with my other pre planned looks.

3. Pack by Outfit

Once you have made your list and photographed each outfit, it’s finally time to pull out your suitcase. I used to always just throw everything in my suitcase ‘where it fits’, but now I pack methodically. I always place each specific outfit in its own pile so I know what goes with what for each day. This tip will save both space in you suitcase and time unpacking/organizing once on vacation! Also using the same photos on my phone, I double check I have a complete outfit for each photo (i.e. this way don’t forget sneakers or a certain lace bralette I was planning to wear but forgot to pull from my drawer). I rarely feel uncertain like I “forgot something” when I pack this way- it’s like I’m going through a visual outfit checklist on my phone.

4. Use Packing Cubes

Something I recently have come to rely on are packing cubes! I truly don’t know how I ever traveled anywhere without them. These magical cubes will neatly hold all of your clothes and fit perfectly into your suitcase. Gone are the days of squishing things in shoes and opening your suitcase to a mess, I promise packing cubes will become your new best friend.

5. Pack Toiletries as you need them

I never pack my toiletries or makeup bag the night before- I wait until the day I’m leaving, as I get ready I put the items I used in a separate pile (i.e, after I wash my face, I set aside that face wash, after I brush my teeth- add my toothbrush to the pile) That way I know I’m only bringing products I actually use each morning. I also clear out my makeup bag and only pack the items I used to get ready that day (sometime different products pile up that you don’t use everyday and just take up space on a trip) Keep it to your basics before you add “just in case” items like face masks, variety of serums, etc. This will also help you feel like you didn’t forget anything when you’re headed out the door!

Do you have any other packing tips? Comment below!

xx Brittany

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