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Today I’m doing a little different type of post, answering the most general questions that were submitted- you guys are literally awesome and I truly wouldn’t have my blog if it weren’t for everyone being so supportive, I appreciate every e-mail! Hopefully these help:


What type of camera do you use?

Canon 6D 85mm lens


Who takes your photos?

My hubs shoots all my photos. We shoot 4-5 looks each the weekend for the following week.


Do you have any advice or wisdom that you could share on blogging and building your audience?

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and starting from scratch at the beginning was really tough because I didn’t know fully what it entailed. Blogging is not easy especially with a full-time day job, but I truly enjoy it. It’s a time commitment and in order to grow your audience, you have to be committed and willing to work for it.

In the beginning, I focused on growing my social channels to drive traffic to my blog and connected with other bloggers in my same niche. I submitted pictures to different social outlets to bring awareness to my blog with features and began making connections with various brands once I had consistent content. All that said, here is my main pieces of advice for newbie bloggers:

Define your niche: Ok you want to blog about food or fashion, but what specifically is making you stand apart from the rest? My niche is attainable/affordable style, which naturally went that direction because of my incorporation of thrift finds. Figure out what made you want to blog in the first place and capitalize on that.

Take clear photos: In my archives you can tell my photos were a little bit blurry when I first started and the lighting wasn’t really great- I think fine tuning your content to make sure the photos really highlight the clothes well, helps. You start to find what works for you- me squinting in the broad daylight? Learning experience…

Post consistently: Create a content calendar and plan what you will be posting for the week, using your social channels to tell your audience about your new post.


What do you use to host your blog?

I have my own domain and hosting account through Synthesis, while using WordPress- this gives me the ability to have full control over my site. I recommend you own your site if you are looking to start a blog (rather than using a blog publishing service like Blogspot or Blogger).


What Instagram filters do you use?

I use VSCO Cam and switch between either the A or J series. I also always use my iPhone editing features to desaturate and add contrast to my looks.


Do you have any tips on finding great items at a thrift store?

Go when you have time to look, I go piece-by-piece in an area I want to find something, whether it’s the denim or blazer section. You have to have time to look otherwise it’s overwhelming with all the clothes shoved together and that’s also when I find my hidden treasures. I also live in the LA area and sometimes bigger cities have more of a selection based on what’s dropped off- but I’ve also thrifted in the middle of nowheresville in Texas and found a great jacket- so you just never know!


How tall are you? I can’t tell sometimes what size to order.

I’m 5’10 and I usually wear items in a medium or large to make sure they aren’t too short on my arms or legs. I say always order a size up if you’re buying something online and unfamiliar with the fit of the brand, I’d rather a jacket be a little oversized than too small.


What do you use to make your mobile site easier to read?

I use theFEED available through chloédigital.


What makeup do you use daily?

I’m not an expert on beauty products, but my daily routine consists of Koh Gen Doh Moisture Foundation, a little Benefit highlighter for my cheekbones and Cle de Peau under eye concealer plus caffeine running through my veins (helps with puffiness? Not sure, but love my morning espresso just the same).


I’m still learning new techniques everyday- but my focus for 2015 is continuing to stick to my style and being more of a resource for my readers (one reason this FAQ sesh made sense), in no way am I an expert blogger and would to love hear any tips you have found helpful as well!


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