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With summer in full swing I often turn to lower coverage foundations and even try to have more makeup free days. In order to feel confident doing this, I rely on face masks to help keep my skin clear and healthy throughout the warmer months. However, finding the correct mask for your particular skin type can be a struggle. Whether you have extremely dry, oily or combination skin, it’s important to use products that ultimately helps with your specific needs.

Below I have listed some of my all time favorite face masks and have highlighted which particular skin type they are great for. I promise these masks will have you feeling glowing in no time!

DRY SKIN: Naturally if you suffer with dry skin you want to look for a mask that offers a good amount of moisture for your skin to just drink up. You will still want to look for a mask that reduces oil, however one that offers extra hydration. Masks with nourishing oils and even antioxidants will leave you skin feeling plump and healthy! The GLOW RECIPE Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is one of my all time favorite’s as it hydrates the skin overnight, it smells so good too. Another one of my favorites is the FIRST AID BEAUTY Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask.

Additional tip: It’s also important to drink a ton of water! I drink 2 liters of water before noon each day and my skin has never looked better since I started that routine.

OILY SKIN: A common misconception is that in order to improve oily skin one must banish all moisture and additional oils from their skin care routine; however this is not true. By stripping your skin of healthy oils, your skin will simply create more excess oil which can leave you feeling even greasier. Try a face mask with tea tree oil or even a clay mask in order to help balance out the oil in your complexion. I love the TATA HARPER Clarifying Mask, this helps with redness and oiliness.

Additional tip: Also make sure your cleanser isn’t too drying, try something gentle like Cetaphil if you struggle with oily skin.

SENSITIVE SKIN: If you have sensitive skin you need a no fuss face mask. Go back to the simplest of formulas by trying a mask that includes calming aids such as green tea or lavender. The simple and more natural the product is the more likely you will have a positive and relaxing experience with the mask.

PROBLEM SKIN: The best way to tackle problem skin is to remove the problem. Look for masks that aim to draw out the bacteria and imperfections from underneath the skin and bring them out. Look for Clay and charcoal masks as they are typically the most effective at this!

COMBINATION SKIN: Combination skin can be tricky as you attempt to tackle multiple problems with one regime. The best way to approach combination skin is to ditch those masks that claim to do it all and instead double up on your face masks by utilizing the correct product in the correct area. Apply a more balancing mask to an oily T zone and a hydrating mask to your dry cheeks. The BY TERRY City Mask is one of my all time favorites,  is an anti-pollution mask that protects the skin and adds oxygen and hydration.

xx Brittany

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