10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Protected This Summer

Now that we are officially in the middle of summer, I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my hair healthy and shiny. Because your hair is an extension of your personal style, it's so important to keep up with your locks just as you would your skin! Luckily, I have discovered many ways to outsmart this humid summer air and keep my hair in check...

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Tip 1: Invest in products
With the change of the seasons, it’s time to do a seasonal switch with your hair care products just as you would your wardrobe. When the temps get high, it's important to stock up on products that will keep your hair moisturized and voluminous. Starting with the basics, I love to use the Ouai Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to leave my hair strong and shiny. This product is infused with a Smart Technology complex that fights against breakage and repairs damaged hair--leaving it shinier and stronger than ever. Infused with Tamarind Seed Extract, this product keeps your hair smelling amazing all throughout the day!

Tip 2: Finish your shower with a cold rinse
After I complete my wash, I always end my shower with a quick cold rinse. A cold rinse at the end of your shower has many health benefits for your whole body but most importantly, it closes the cuticles on your head, sealing in the conditioner and leaving your hair shiny and protected. Rinsing your hair with cold water promotes detoxification, hydration and strength for your hair. Another perk is that it is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning, which I always need haha

Tip 3: Skip a wash
While balancing a busy schedule, I find myself often skipping a wash to save some time in my routine. Skipping a hair wash is a huge life-saver, not only time-wise but also for hair strength. In my off-days, my holy grail product is the IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo. This product quickly eliminates oils and keeps your hair fresh and clean throughout the day---a must have product for all my girls on the go! Another holy grail product that I always carry on me are the Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets. These are extremely helpful and can be carried on-the-go (the packaging is so chic). When I feel my start to feel staticky, I like to use these sheets to tame my hair.

Tip 4: Take your vitamins
One of the most important parts of my morning routine has always been taking vitamins. I love taking my beauty supplements, not only because they taste great but also because I can truly tell a difference in my skin and hair. You will never catch me missing a day of taking my Olly Undeniable Beauty Vitamins. These vitamins, rich in biotin and zinc, are crucial nutrients in supporting hair growth and healthy follicles. Taking these every morning is a sure way to make sure your hair is growing and healthy from the start, plus they taste so good! Hum Hair Sweet Hair Vitamins is another favorite of mine! 

Tip 5: Get a healthy trim
To keep my hair healthy and stimulate growth, I like to get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks for a quick trim. I get my hair cut from Justine Marjan, trimming the dead ends off will not only make it appear thicker and healthier, but will also promote new hair growth. This is extremely helpful in the winter when your hair feels like it is breaking off. Check out how I get my hair cut here!

Tip 6: Upgrade to a silk pillowcase
Upgrading from a cotton pillowcase to a silk pillowcase has honestly changed the way I sleep and how I look and feel when I wake up. I have noticed that using a silk pillowcase allows me to wake up with less tangles, smoother hair and also less oil in my scalp. Silk is delicate on your hair fibers which promotes smoother and silkier hair, allowing you to cut down on time spent in the morning taming bed head! I love the Slipsilk pillowcases.

Tip 7: Less heat on your locks
While this may seem like a simple hack, it's probably the most important in the long summer months. Going heat free on your hair is great because you will have less damage and more hair growth. Skip the hot tools a couple days out of the week and go for a low maintenance style like a braid or a top knot!

Tip 8: Overnight Masks and Oils
Treat yourself this summer to an at-home spa treatment and use an overnight hair mask once every week. I love to use the Kenra Strengthening Treatment as a deep conditioner. I work this into my hair from mid-length to ends and let it sit for five minutes. After using this treatment, I can feel that my hair is stronger and healthier. Once I finish my at-home hair masks, I finish off my routine with the Ouai Hair Oil. This oil smells so great and tames those crazy split ends that are bound to pop up in the winter time.

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Tip 9: Scalp Massage and scrub
Along with making time to do hair masks, I also allow myself two to three extra minutes in the shower to do a quick scalp scrub. This is an easy and quick hack to hair growth that is commonly overlooked. While I shampoo, I quickly massage it in my hair from scalp to ends. This promotes blood flow of the scalp which will eventually lead to new hair growth.

Tip 10: Clean diet leads to healthy hair
Choosing to eat healthy affects almost every area of your body, including your hair growth! During the harsh and long winter months, choosing healthier options can speed up the process of hair growth. Pick foods that are rich in Vitamin C like fruit and vegetables to promote a healthier lifestyle all around, including the growth of your hair. Choosing to snack of fruits like strawberries and kiwi keep me feeling great and keep my Vitamin C levels high.

Following these tips and tricks will have you coming out of winter with luscious and healthy hair! What are your favorite tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy? Comment below!



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