5 Life Changing Beauty Hacks

From makeup to hair there are always shortcuts to help you save time and quick hacks to help update your look in an instant. I love learning beauty tricks from makeup artists and even friends of mine. Check out a few of my favorite hacks that I’ve learned throughout the years, they seriously have helped so much!

Hack 1: The color of your eyeliner is more important than you think! I have brown eyes and hair, so I’ve found that a darker shade of brown eyeliner makes my eyes pop rather than black, which can be a bit harsh. I also like to apply a thin line of dark copper eyeshadow (try the shade copper rush) under my bottom lashes about half way which gives my eyes some definition and makes them pop in a very soft way. For hazel eyes, try navy blue, for blue eyes, try copper and for green eyes, try plum!

Hack 2: To make your hairline look thicker, put eye shadow (the same color as your hair) on your part. I sometimes don’t have time to shower every morning, so when I sleep on my hair it tends to look super flat. This makes my hair look fuller all over and creates a perfect hairline!

Hack 3: An amazing trick to finding the perfect eye-popping eye shadow is to use a highlighter! I sometimes fall into trouble with finding a nice pigmented (and shimmery) eye shadow, so I like to layer my liquid highlighter with my powdered one. If that is too much for every day, you can just put this in the corner of your inner eyes to make them pop.

Hack 4: Sometimes I use a little rose colored vaseline for my eyelids to give them shine, I’ll also add some down the bridge of my nose for a dewy look on the go.

Hack 5: Part of my everyday makeup routine is wearing foundation, I love a full coverage look. Mixing in a moisturizer/serum will dramatically improve your foundation and your skin! For more of a natural, dewy vibe add a little bit of moisturizer or serum to your foundation. Mixing an oil, will create a flawless finish.

Which hack will you try? Comment below 🙂

xx Brittany

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