This Is Us After 4 Years of Marriage

Tomorrow is me and Anthony’s 4 year wedding anniversary and we’re celebrating today because we’ll busy with NYFW tomorrow! I can’t believe how fast 4 years has flown by! (If you missed our post on our 2 year anniversary read it HERE) Not sure why I didn’t do a 3 year anniversary post, I think we lost the day in NYFW craziness last year. If we married each other again, most likely wouldn’t be during fashion month LOL.

We started our blog 3 months after getting married, and it’s crazy to see how much our lives and our relationship has evolved since that time! I’m more in love with him than ever and would definitely would pick him again if I had the choice 🙂

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to give us both answers and see our responses- we weren’t allowed to edit each other’s answers either, here’s 10 questions below of us in a nutshell:

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