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I love everything about New York- including the most tourist area ever- Times Square! We went around 11pm and it was way less busy with people at that time, quite peaceful actually (compared to how it usually is).

I Love New York City Umbrella

Interesting enough, we’ve been to New York five times within the last year, and only to Times Square during this trip. It’s so easy to avoid the spots that attract the most tourists- and it’s just the same in LA, I avoid Hollywood and Highland as much as possible just because it’s always so congested!

But there’s a reason so many people from all over the world come to NY to experience Times Square, there’s really no other place like it! The lights and sounds of the city really feel the most alive in this small area. Walking around with my hubs and taking it all in was so fun and romantic!

Times Square NYC Blogger
Married Blogger Couple New York City

I also had to really feel like a tourist with my new clear umbrella lol. They sell them at pretty much every souvenir stand and I love it! 🙂

xx Brittany

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