4 Years Since I’ve Started my Blog: Here’s What I’ve Learned

Today is exactly 4 years since my very first blog post and of course I had to celebrate… with another blog post lol! I wrote a post for my 3 year anniversary that offers a little more back story on my journey and this time around I thought it would be fun to do something similar to that again, with more reflecting on what I’ve learned over the last year.

Growing our team

I think one of the biggest game changers for me this year is hiring our assistant Marie, and now have two amazing interns that have been so helpful with video and editorial content. I’ve always been so hands-on with my business and definitely an area I struggle with is delegation. I tend to want to do everything myself- but I’ve learned how much freedom it’s given me to focus on other creative areas of my work. Delegation is key!

Time Management

I’ve really had to nail down a time management routine to continue to grow my business, especially working for myself- it can be tempting to get off track and take too many days off. One major thing I stopped doing: to-do lists. I know that sounds completely opposite of being productive but I read 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management and it clicked. To-do lists weren’t actually helping me knock things off my list- instead, breaking my day into 15 minute increments has been life changing, and I really recommend it for getting things done efficiently.

Always Learning

Over this last year I’ve really made it a priority to keep learning, whether it’s watching tutorials, listening to podcasts or reading a book- finding something to always keep my mind evolving and setting aside time for that is important!

Here are some of my favorite entrepreneurial podcasts: The Tim Ferriss Show, Beyond the To-Do List, Smart Passive Income, and Entrepreneur on Fire.


This last year I launched My Complete Guide to Instagram and my necklace design with Katie Dean Jewelry! These have been my first experiences with launching a product and it’s been a really great process for each. I have more ideas for products next year and can’t wait to share more of that with you when I can!

I really want to thank you guys for being such loyal readers and sticking with me through the years, it’s because of you guys (and the internet) that has made my job even possible in the first place! I really appreciate hearing your feedback as well and would love to know what you want to see more of from me in the next year. Comment below!

Here’s to another great year!

xx Brittany

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