New Year = What to Expect

Happy New Year guyyys…I can’t believe it’s already 2016, so crazy! I wanted to dedicate this post to what you can expect in 2016 from brittanyxavier.com for the entirety of the new year.

December 2015 marked two years since my first post and at this point my life has changed so much from where I started in the beginning. A few of you know, I quit my office job in May 2015 because blogging turned into my full-time business and has also allowed me to be more flexible in not only my time as a mom, but my post frequency and shooting schedule. I also won Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year at the 2015 Bloglovin’ Awards during New York Fashion Week which opened the door for many more opportunities to work with a variety of brands and was a great personal motivator. Overall, this year has allowed me to see hints of my full potential in the industry, I know I can work harder and can offer more to my readers… and that’s exactly what I intend to do in 2016.

Blogging Frequency: You can expect at least 5 posts a week (Monday-Friday) by 12am PST and I’m working to have a new post up every day by June 2016. Until June, during the work week, you will be able to check my blog in the morning and know I’ll have a new post live.

Types of Posts: Currently, the majority of my posts are daily outfits but 2016 will include more beauty round-ups, travel and lifestyle posts (so many fun things planned!).

FriYAY Faves: My roundup of top 5 favorite items will still be every Friday.

Blogging Tips: Each week you can count on a new Blogging Tips post, my hubby may be guest posting more frequently too in response to your positive feedback with his prior posts! Plus… I’m not an expert in photography and he’s constantly educating himself on that subject everyday, it just makes the most sense for him to speak on areas he knows more about (website design, SEO, etc.) 🙂

E-mail Blasts: I recently switched from MailChimp to a new e-mail subscription service called ConvertKit. It will allow me to tailor emails based on what you want to read and find useful. By signing up, you’ll also have direct access to respond to me with questions, suggestions, etc.

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Hands-On Learning: I’ll be releasing courses and an E-book this year with more specific blogging knowledge.

Interactive Community: I’ve been wanting to use Periscope (@thriftsandthreads) more, and Q&As will be the way that works best for me… I may Periscope live events but it really depends on the activity. I will use my Snapchat to announce when you can tune into my Periscope for Q&As, so make sure to follow along on there.

Website Design: I will be updating a few things on my site to make it more streamlined, in no way will it be a site redesign but just a more user-friendly experience.

Mobile Friendly: I’m currently in the process of creating a mobile friendly site, that will look very similar to my desktop version but also easier to use with small buttons.

I hope this guys gives you more of an idea of what I have planned for 2016 and gets you pumped for the new year like I am, you guys are so supportive and I really appreciate all the kind feedback, also negative feedback- it always just motivates me more.

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in the comments below, your feedback gives me good ideas for new content. I’d also like to hear what you are excited for in 2016 🙂

Have a great weekend, talk soon!

xx Brittany

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